3 Important Things!

Hi Holy Name Ministers! I have three important things to share with you today.

  1. Holy Week 

If you would like to sign up to serve on either:

Holy Thursday-March 29th at 7pm
Good Friday-March 30th at 7pm
Easter Sunday April 1st at 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 or 5:30pm

Please sign up in the boxes below:
*special note: Eucharistic Ministers are not needed on Good Friday. (We only disribute hosts that were consecrated the night before and we have enough clergy at the Mass to handle those few stations)
*Easter vigil sign ups are handled by the RCIA team

Please write in the comment box which Mass you would like to/are available to serve at!


2. Reading Options for the next few weekends

Lectors will notice that there are two options for readings in the coming weekends. Please prepared the YEAR B reading options as per Fr. Larry’s choice! Thank you!


3. 5:30 Mass Schedule Posted for March

To those of you who help with 5:30 Mass ministries, the updated schedule for March is now posted. Click on “Current Schedules” at the top of the page and you will find the 5:30 March schedule as an option to click into!


Thank you all! Looking forward to celebrating Holy Week with you!


New Schedule for March, April & May!

Hi Ministers!

Thanks for making Ash Wednesday a success!

The new schedule for March, April & May is out! You can click the link at the top of this page that says “current schedule” to find it!

You’ll notice 2 things about this schedule:
1. It skips holy week. We will have separate sign ups for Holy Week. Keep an eye out for those because I’ll be putting them out soon!

2. The altar server schedule is separate than the lector, Eucharistic minister & usher schedule. Make sure if you need both you check both!!

You can also pick up a hard copy this week in church in the window where the ministers sign in.

“Prayer is where the action is”- John Wesley

Ash Wednesday Update & More!

Hi Ministers!
Thanks to all of you who signed up for Ash Wednesday Mass! We have about half the ministers signed up that we need to make those 3 Masses happen. I’ve put a sign up sheet out in the window where you sign in for ministries on Sunday mornings. Hopefully over the weekend we’ll get some more sign ups. Or, sign up right here in the boxes below!

For the 7am Mass we still need:
1-2 Altar servers, 5 more Eucharistic Ministers, and 3 Ushers

For the 12pm Mass we still need:
1-2 Altar servers, 5 more Eucharistic Ministers, 2 more Ushers

For the 6pm Mass we still need:
4 more Eucharistic Ministers, 2 more Ushers and 1 more Lector


Use these boxes to send me a message if you’d like to pick up one of those available slots


One more thing:
The new schedule for regular Sundays in March, April & May will out by next weekend. If you need to change any preferences now is the time to do so! You can use the boxes above to send me a message.
*NB: Sundays at 5:30 we could use some more help with ministries. While Youth Group and even Youth Music Ministry have expanded this year, it’s a low year for high schoolers who  signed up to be ministers at 5:30 Mass. If you’d like to help out at 5:30 Masses, even if just once in a while, please let me know! I’ll plug you in as often as you’d like.


I’ll post again on Tuesday to let you know the updated sign up results for Ash Wednesday
See you this weekend!

Welcome to Holy Name Ministers Corner!

Welcome to the Minister’s Corner-a blog designed to improve communication from myself and the Priests to the liturgical ministers here at Holy Name!

The next things coming down the pike for us is Ash Wednesday, Lent, and of course Holy Week. There’s an easy way to remember a couple of important dates this year:

-Ash Wednesday is on Valentine’s Day this year
-Easter is on April Fool’s Day this year

What are the odds?

So for Ash Wednesday we will have Mass with Ash Distribution at 7am, 9am (School Mass), 12pm and 6pm.

We could use folks to sign up to be 
-Lectors      -Eucharistic Ministers      -Ushers      -Altar Servers     -Ash Distributors 

for Mass at 

7am     or        12pm          or     6pm. 

If you are able to cover any of those slots, please write to me using the comment box below, or email me directly at jgorman@holynameparish.net.

Check back next week to find out more details about Holy Week!

“Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.”- Pope Francis